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#973 desai Jeramey Crawford <[email protected]…> fixed Fix for incorrect dependency generation in

I found a small bug in how Python's sets are used to generate package lists for automatic dependency calculations. The problem has probably been overlooked because most repos have virtually all packages available for both i386 and x86_64, however I have an internal repo which consists mostly of x86_64 software only, and automatic dependency calculations did not work for me.

It's a small 2-line patch that completely fixes the issue. Thanks for making the code so easy to work with!

#582 desai Jim Rowan <[email protected]…> fixed client using elementree and not lxml suffers from encoding error

client: ubuntu 8.04; python 2.5.2

ubuntu-client# bcfg2 -v -d {'profile': False, 'interactive': False, 'dryrun': False, 'verbose': True, 'extra': False, 'args': [], 'server': '', 'agent': False, 'key': '/etc/bcfg2.key', 'debug': True, 'bundle': [], 'file': False, 'fingerprint': [], 'password': '4x4J1', 'help': False, 'agent-background': False, 'kevlar': False, 'omit-lock-check': False, 'paranoid': False, 'drivers': ['Action', 'APT', 'Blast', 'Chkconfig', 'DebInit?', 'Encap', 'FreeBSDInit', 'FreeBSDPackage', 'launchd', 'Portage', 'POSIX', 'RPMng', 'RcUpdate?', 'SMF', 'SYSV', 'YUMng'], 'cache': False, 'remove': False, 'retries': '3', 'encoding': 'ascii', 'decision-list': False, 'build': False, 'quick': False, 'agent-port': '6789', 'setup': '/etc/bcfg2.conf', 'user': 'ubuntu-client-uuid'} no server x509 fingerprint; no server verification performed! Running probe arch Probe arch has result: group:i686 Failed to upload probe data Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/bin/bcfg2", line 251, in run

proxy.RecvProbeData?(Bcfg2.Client.XML.tostring(probedata, encoding='UTF-8', xml_declaration=True))

TypeError?: tostring() got an unexpected keyword argument 'xml_declaration'


Installing lxml made this go away.

#584 desai Jim Rowan <[email protected]…> fixed perms on /etc/bcfg2.conf on server conflict with new reporting system

If you run the web server as someone other than root, it needs to be able to read /etc/bcfg2.conf. 600 is too tight. bcfg2-admin init seems to set that.

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