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#647 solj solj fixed Add support for probed groups to bcfg2-admin query

It would be nice to be able to also query groups based on the probe results in probed.xml.

#1028 solj fixed Add support to LANG=es_ES in the chkconfig plugin

If I run the chkconfig command in a es_ES locale environment the status output is different from what the plugin wants and the service checks always fail:

ec4:~# chkconfig --list
NetworkManager  0:desactivado   1:desactivado   2:desactivado   3:desactivado   4:desactivado   5:desactivado   6:desactivado
acpid           0:desactivado   1:desactivado   2:activo        3:activo        4:activo        5:activo        6:desactivado

"on" == "activo" "off" == "desactivado"

Perhaps a solution could be unsetting the LANG environment variable before the chkconfig execution.

#430 desai lueningh invalid Add tlslits prereq

It might be nice to add tlslite as a prereq in the bcfg2.spec file. I was able to install the latest pre fine, but got a traceback when it couldn't find tlslite.

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