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#506 desai [email protected] fixed Add to documentation ticket

On 'ServerSideOverview' page there's a typing error in the sentence of line 5: "The Bcfg2 server and client get the connection information from the /etc/cfg2.conf configuration file". The bold part should be /etc/bcfg2.conf.

On 'ErrorMessages?' page you'd add this error (that I got on my Kubuntu 7.10):

Error Location Meaning Repair
Client metadata resolution error for <IP> Server The server cannot resolve the client hostname Correct the client hostname

bye, Francesco

#816 solj solj fixed Add upstart client tool driver for ubuntu

Lucid makes use of the upstart 'service' command as opposed to using the init.d scripts directly. The scripts still work, but complain when used directly.

#279 desai naapuri fixed Add verbosity to bcfg2 -I questions

When running bcfg2 -I, the package installation questions should be more verbose. For example, now bcfg2 asks:

Would you like to install Package: screen? (y/N):

It could ask something like this:

Upgrade package 'screen' (1.2.3 => 1.2.4)? (y/N):

DOWNGRADE package 'screen' (1.2.4 => 1.2.3)? (y/N):

Re-install package 'screen' due to changed files? (List the files with 'debsums -as screen') (y/N):

Similarly, ConfigFile? installation questions could offer a choice to see a diff of the file.

OTOH, while these enhancements would be nice, there is the reporting system that should give this information anyway.

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