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#676 desai solj fixed Allow for explicit removal of ConfigFiles

Right now, Bcfg2 is unable to explicitly remove a ConfigFile? from a client (with the exception of the prune attribute for Directories). A user should be able to add a ConfigFile? to their config with a negate='true' or equivalent and have Bcfg2 ensure that the file does not exist on the client.

#690 solj rcuza fixed Allow paranoid mode to have multiple saved copies in /var/cache/bcfg2

Right now, when a file is processed in paranoid mode only a single copy is saved in /var/cache/bcfg2. For configuration files that get updated on each run, this might erase local changes if bcfg2 client is run twice before the change is noticed.

It would be good to have the option, perhaps via /etc/bcfg2.conf to configure a number of backups that are kept (maybe we could call it really paranoid mode). This option would need to clean up so /var/cache/bcfg2 doesn't grow out of bounds.

#979 fixed Allow services that are both supervised and custom

It is not possible to set a Service to both "supervised" and "custom" mode, so you cannot create a Service that gets started by Bcfg2 _and_ has a custom restart command. Without this possibility, adding a new service with a custom restart requires a full restart of the machines to which the service was added (or other manual intervention).

Another (admittedly rare) use case is a service that you want to be automatically started, but never restarted, even when the bundle is modified. This effect could be obtained by supervising the service and setting target="status" (or similar), but that doesn't work either.

Basically, having to choose between "custom" and "supervised" works fine for services that can be chkconfig'd on during Kickstart (or the equivalent for your OS of choice), but not for services added later. It should be possible to set _both_ a custom restart target _and_ supervised mode. I've attached a patch that obtains this by simply checking for the "target" attribute, since that should by itself be sufficient to designate a custom restart command.

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