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#1074 desai fixed Interactive perms correction missing prompt

With 1.2.0rc2, I'm not getting a question prompt when running in interactive mode and I have files with incorrect permissions; instead I just get the message saying they are wrong and a paused terminal:

Path /etc/sysconfig/sshd perms are 0640 should be 0644 <cursor waits here>

Other problems act correctly:

Install Path: /etc/bcfg2.conf? (y/N):

Of course, it accepts 'y' or 'n' to do what I want, but it isn't clear what to do. I took a quick look at the code, but my feeble mind didn't grasp it quickly enough to submit a patch. So here's a simple bug report instead.

#1073 fixed bcfg2-yum-helper debuglevel too high

On a Fedora11 box with 1.2.0rc2, to make the new packagegroup-aware bits of Packages work I had to lower the debuglevel in bcfg2-yum-helper:

#self.yumbase.preconf.debuglevel = verbose
self.yumbase.preconf.debuglevel = 0

Before I did that, yum was giving me some "helpful" information on stdout that conflicted with the json output the server was expecting:

Importing additional filelist information
{"unknown": [], "packages": ["esound-libs", "system-config-lvm", ...

This resulted in a server error:

Packages: error reading bcfg2-yum-helper output: No JSON object could be decoded

With the debuglevel set lower, that "Importing..." line stopped being printed and everything worked fine.

#1072 desai wontfix uuid-based configs don't work on bcfg server itself

Using 1.2.0rc2, I created two clients: one that is my bcfg server, and another with a uuid specified:

  <Client name="" profile="rrz1-master"/>
  <Client name="computeimage" profile="rrz-compute" uuid="computeimage"/>

and ran the client on two different machines both with and without the '-u' option:

  bcfg2 -q -v -n
  bcfg2 -q -v -n -u computeimage

When run on the machine that is also running the bcfg server, both cases result in the real machine's config (as if I hadn't run with '-u' either time). But when run on an independent client, adding the '-u' works as I would expect - the client gets the config associated with the 'computeimage' config.

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