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#32 desai bradshaw fixed naming scheme for pre releases

I have this problem where my package management system is confused by the naming scheme that is used for pre releases. ie: it thinks that bcfg2-server_0.8.1pre6-1_all.deb is higher in version than bcfg2-server_0.8.1-2_all.deb

is there anything that can be done to fix this?

#1117 desai fixed nagiosgen documentation error for config.xml

the example for NagiosGen?/config.xml is not valid.

the first Group tag should be closed by the second one.


<Group name="datacenter-2">

<Option name="parents">dc-2-switch</Option>

  • <Group>

+ </Group>

<Group name="non-production">

<Option name="notification_period">workhours</Option> <Option name="notification_options">d</Option>

</Group> <Client name="">

<Option name="max_check_attempts">10</Option>



#795 solj fixed more strict checking on group file default=true

When I first set up bcfg2 a few years ago I didn't really 100% understand every entry in the group file. so when I got it working I just kept the syntax. This meant that every group profile in my config had default='true' set. when this was the case any new client checking into bcfg2 with the proper auth but no entry in my clients file would get added to the last group profile as defined in the groups file.

should probably add some sanity checking to make sure there is only one default='true' defined in the config.

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