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#959 desai Joe Digilio <[email protected]…> fixed YUMng ignores verify_flags

Currently, YUMng ignores verify_flags. I would like to use something like this:

<BoundPackage name="GConf2" version="auto" type="yum" verify_flags="nomtime"/>

Attached is a patch which addresses this issue.

One question... When it does the check, instead of:

elif 'no' + p.type in verify_flags:

would you prefer it does an explicit check of each flag? Eg:

elif p.type == 'mtime' and 'nomtime' in verify_flags:
#1000 desai Joe Digilio <[email protected]…> wontfix Upstart services cannot be enabled/disabled

Enabling/disabling an upstart service at boot time is currently not possible in Bcfg2. Upstart does not provide an easy way to do this. But there are two ways I know of to disable an upstart service:

  1. change the "start on" line in /etc/init/<service>.conf
  2. mv /etc/init/<service>.conf /etc/init/<service>.conf.disabled
  3. rm /etc/init/<service>.conf

It seems like the best way to do this would be method 2. would need to do something like this to disable a service:

  1. Tell the client to rename /etc/init/<service>.conf to a known name, eg /etc/init/<service>.conf.disabled-by-bcfg2
  2. Insert into the Bundle:
    <BoundPath name="/etc/init/<service>.conf" type="ignore"/>
    <BoundPath name="/etc/init/<service>.conf.disabled-by-bcfg2" type="ignore"/>

Maybe it would be better for the <service>.conf Path entry to be of type "nonexistent"? Of course we would need to ensure the rename occurs first.


#583 desai John Morris <[email protected]…> fixed bcfg2-info broke

see attached patch

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