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#382 desai rucpat fixed info as an alternative to :info not fully valid

If I use bcfg2-info I get those messages

Confused about file /var/lib/bcfg2/Cfg/etc/backup.d/10-all.mysql/info; ignoring

but info should be a valid alternative to :info

I think the problem is in line 117 and 120 where the check is only against :info

#383 desai rucpat fixed bcfg2-admin pull not working

bcfg2-admin pull seems not to work for me, I get

Could not find stats for client

after changing the line 155 in bcfg2-admin from

hostent = stats.xpath('.Node[@name="%s"]' % client)

into hostent = stats.xpath('Node[@name="%s"]' % client)

(removed the . in the xpath)

it works

#384 desai rucpat fixed bcfg2-admin pull does not unescape xml characters

The information I pulled in is not unescaped and therefore the contents of the config file is garbage, e.g. newlines and most special characters still have the xml escaping sequence instead of the "real" value. My guess is that in bcfg2-admin, line 191 the diff needs to be somehow unescaped.

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