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#594 desai John Morris <[email protected]…> fixed Subclassed Metadata plugins: broken probes

In Metadata.ProbeSet?.get_probe_data, the probe 'source' is hardcoded to 'Metadata'. This causes problems when a subclassed Metadata package, with a different name and thus a different directory in /var/lib/bcfg2, runs.

The attached patch fixes this by passing the Metadata class's name to get_probe_data as an argument.

#672 solj Jon Nials <[email protected]…> fixed bcfg2-admin should not process any config files when help is requested

bcfg2-admin should NOT process the Packages/config.xml if any help command is executed.


bcfg2-admin minestruct help

produces output and refreshes the cache. It should only do this if you actually execute a command.

#794 solj Jonathan Billings <[email protected]…> fixed Running client in dry-run mode (-n) changes files on RHEL5 when prelink package present

When the prelink package is installed on a RHEL5.3 host, and I run bcfg2 -qvn -d, I can see that there are two separate runs of " /usr/sbin/prelink -a -mR". This changes many files on the filesystem.

I'm running bcfg2-1.0.0-0.2r5564 against a server of the same version.

The workaround is to not have the prelink package installed.

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