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#581 solj [email protected] fixed Metadata documentation tweaks

Metadata specification is documented here: WritingSpecification?#Metadataclients.xml

The 'client tag' chart is missing some elements that are described on the Authentication? page; it would be handy to have a link (in both directions!)

On the Authentication page, it might be handy to point out that the 'uuid' should correspond to the value of the 'name' parameter in the client's bcfg2.conf.

Also, I'd rather the 'client tag' chart be documented on the Metadata? page so I can find it easily through the index without having to think (ouchy). The groups chart is also split between the WritingSpecification? and Metadata pages. In fact, the Metadata plugin is the only one whose specification's main documentation is in the WritingSpecification? page. (And if the Xinclude stuff on the WritingSpec? page only applies to Metadata, it should be moved along with the Metadata docs.)

#601 solj solj wontfix Incorrect Configuration Element Details

The Reason for bad/modified elements is always showing up as nonexistent even if the file/package/etc exists but is just the wrong version.

#605 solj kisielk fixed Interactive mode should prompt for service restart

I think that the client interactive mode should prompt for service restarts as well as file installations. It's not always apparent that installing a configuration file is going to cause a restart.

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