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#546 desai [email protected] fixed Please provide more information on Agent Mode

Things that would be nice to see on documentation:

  • How to get the fingerprint of the certificate:

openssl x509 -in /etc/bcfg2.key -fingerprint -noout

  • The fact that the fingerprint has to be in lowercase without colons (:)
  • The configuration parameters of bcfg2.conf for the fingerprint and agent-port (-F, -g)
#51 desai [email protected] fixed The bcfg2-server debian sarge package depends on libxml-utils from sid

If you try to install the bcfg2-server package, you get the following error:

bcfg2-server: Depends: libxml2-utils (>= 2.6.23) but 2.6.16-7 is to be installed

#747 desai tcampbel fixed add attribute to Action type to specify which service mode this action is NOT allowed to run in.

Because I have to run with "-s build" during kickstart to work around an odd hang were experiencing, our environment isn't getting fully populated so that some of my Actions may not work correctly (the details of this are irrelevant to this discussion).

I'd like to be able to state in my Action something like servicemode="build" so that I can force an action to not run during this mode.

Currently, I have to do a hack via setting an environment variable before bcfg2 runs during kickstart %post and then check for the existence of this environment variable in every script where it's important to check. This is needlessly tedious and forces everyone writing custom actions to remember to do this.

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