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#425 desai [email protected] fixed group/host specific :info files

Contents of configuration files can be controlled per group/host, but not the metadata associated with them, e.g. user/group/mode/mtime.

Different config files often have different owners (like apache vs httpd or exim vs mail), so it would be nice to allow different file metadata for different groups/hosts.

#426 desai [email protected] fixed RPMng driver ignores quick mode (-q)

Running bcfg2 -q on an RPMng driven system results in the system computing full checksums. The patch fixes this.

It turns off md5sums and checking the file sizes. For the reason for the latter I'll open a new ticket.

#427 desai [email protected] invalid RPMng driver reads in file when verifying file size

Passing md5 alone in ticket #426 was not enough to really create a quick mode. The verification was still very slow and I checked that access time was modified on the packages' files.

After some testing I found that this was due to the file size verification and most probably due to the prelinking stuff.

But calling rpm -V --nomd5 works w/o accessing the file contents, so it must be possible to verify the filesize w/o piping the file into the (un)prelinking code. Maybe it is just a constant offset or something similar that can easily be computed.

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