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#523 desai lueningh wontfix Option to not restart services

I strangely often have a config file that I want bcfg to put in place, but I don't want it to restart the service right then - I'd rather have it happen the next time I reboot the machine, or at a time I can restart a bunch of machines at the exact same time, or something similar. I'd love to have an option on the command like that acts like '-n' but only with respect to service restarts. (maybe '-n service'? or '--no-server-restart'?)

#543 desai anonymous wontfix Need new APT driver for Nexenta apt-clone

Nexenta now provides apt-clone which makes use of ZFS snapshots. A new APT based driver is needed to take advantage of this. The old method of apt-get dist-upgrade is only safe for non-core OS userland packages. Even after modifying the existing APT driver to force Nexenta to use the old apt-get dist-upgrade method, it is possible and likely that serious breakage will occur.

Until this is resolved, bcfg2 cannot be safely used on NexentaCP 1.0 or greater.

#601 solj solj wontfix Incorrect Configuration Element Details

The Reason for bad/modified elements is always showing up as nonexistent even if the file/package/etc exists but is just the wrong version.

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