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#1110 desai Josef Prazak <[email protected]…> fixed Remove symlink to dir failed

Creation symlink is OK, but if i need remove symlink it fails with "Failed to remove directory"., Installnonexistent funcion, (761): may be better use function os.lstat() instead of os.path.isdir

Example configuration: <Group name='link'>

<BoundPath? name='/opt/sge' type='symlink' owner='root' group='root' perms='0755' to='/hpc/foo/bin'/>

</Group> <Group name='nolink' negate='true'>

<BoundPath? name='/opt/sge' type='nonexistent'/>


#1124 desai Josef Prazak <[email protected]…> fixed SuSE bcfg2-web problem with Django dep

OpenSUSE 11.4, 12.1, SLE11SP2 build OK, but install bcfg2-web requred Django instead of python-django. Pleas fix in bcfg2.spec.

This solution works for me, but id don't tested for other distros.

#694 desai Leif Ryge <[email protected]…> fixed Documentation for BoundConfigFile, BoundService, et al

These tags are not documented anywhere yet (unless you count IRC logs).

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