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#1140 solj fixed UnicodeDecodeError in

Using python 2.6 Logger fails to report errors containing utf-8 encoded characters.

Version affected - git master branch: bd44478c06f65b7cb2a7f87ab8de862033dd80dc

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create a folder Cfg/home/user/Рабочий стол/cyrillicfoldercontent.txt/cyrillicfoldercontent.txt
  2. Do not provide info.xml
  3. Run bcfg2-lint

Do note that error reported is UnicodeDecodeError? (not Encode one) The code failing should work with Python3 but fails with earlier versions due to the fact that internal strings are already encoded.

Fixing patch: diff --git a/src/lib/Bcfg2/ b/src/lib/Bcfg2/ index c2eac1e..2c2e148 100644 --- a/src/lib/Bcfg2/ +++ b/src/lib/Bcfg2/ @@ -105,7 +105,11 @@ class FragmentingSysLogHandler?(logging.handlers.SysLogHandler?):

(self.encodePriority(self.facility, newrec.levelname.lower()),



  • self.socket.send(msg.encode('ascii'))

+ try: + encoded = msg.encode('utf_8') + except UnicodeDecodeError?: + encoded = msg + self.socket.send(encoded)

except socket.error:

for i in range(10): # pylint: disable=W0612


$bcfg2-lint Could not process event exists for head; ignoring Cfg: /home/gulevich/admin/bcfg2.d/repo/Cfg/etc/sudoers.d/bcfg2/:info: Use of info/:info files is deprecated Cfg: /home/gulevich/admin/bcfg2.d/repo/Cfg/etc/cron.hourly/bcfg2-custom/:info: Use of info/:info files is deprecated Cfg: /home/gulevich/admin/bcfg2.d/repo/Cfg/usr/local/bin/ Use of info/:info files is deprecat ed Cfg: /home/gulevich/admin/bcfg2.d/repo/Cfg/usr/local/bin/ Use of info/:info files is deprecated Cfg: /home/gulevich/admin/bcfg2.d/repo/Cfg/usr/local/sbin/bcfg2/:info: Use of info/:info files is deprecated WARNING: The following files are similar: /etc/shadow/shadow.G50_lucid, /etc/shadow/shadow.G50_quantal. Consider merging


into a single Genshi template.

WARNING: No info.xml found for /etc/sudoers.d/bcfg2 WARNING: Deprecated :info file found at /home/gulevich/admin/bcfg2.d/repo/Cfg/etc/sudoers.d/bcfg2/:info WARNING: No info.xml found for /usr/share/applications/firefox-shared.desktop WARNING: No info.xml found for /usr/local/home/guest/Рабочий стол/Робот.desktop Traceback (most recent call last):

File "src/sbin/bcfg2-lint", line 207, in <module>


File "src/sbin/bcfg2-lint", line 195, in main

setup=setup, files=files)

File "src/sbin/bcfg2-lint", line 31, in run_server_plugins

errorhandler=errorhandler, setup=setup, files=files)

File "src/sbin/bcfg2-lint", line 55, in run_plugin

return plugin(*args, dict(files=files, errorhandler=errorhandler)).Run()

File "/home/gulevich/admin/bcfg2/src/Bcfg2/Bcfg2/Server/Lint/", line 27, in Run

"No info.xml found for %s" % filename)

File "/home/gulevich/admin/bcfg2/src/Bcfg2/Bcfg2/Server/Lint/", line 81, in LintError?

self.errorhandler.dispatch(err, msg)

File "/home/gulevich/admin/bcfg2/src/Bcfg2/Bcfg2/Server/Lint/", line 140, in dispatch


File "/home/gulevich/admin/bcfg2/src/Bcfg2/Bcfg2/Server/Lint/", line 155, in warn

self._log(msg, self.logger.warning, prefix="WARNING: ")

File "/home/gulevich/admin/bcfg2/src/Bcfg2/Bcfg2/Server/Lint/", line 177, in _log

logfunc(prefix + line.lstrip())

File "/usr/lib/python2.6/logging/", line 1068, in warning

self._log(WARNING, msg, args, kwargs)

File "/usr/lib/python2.6/logging/", line 1173, in _log


File "/usr/lib/python2.6/logging/", line 1183, in handle


File "/usr/lib/python2.6/logging/", line 1220, in callHandlers


File "/usr/lib/python2.6/logging/", line 679, in handle


File "/home/gulevich/admin/bcfg2/src/Bcfg2/Bcfg2/", line 108, in emit


UnicodeDecodeError?: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xd0 in position 76: ordinal not in range(128)

#1064 [email protected] solj invalid bcfg2-admin pull unusably slow

There is some sort of regression that has caused this recently. Need to pinpoint what caused it.

#983 rcuza rcuza fixed Build Failing For osx Package

While trying to build the bcfg2 package for OS X I ran into the following error:

chown: $PATH/$FILE: Operation not permitted

A workaround is to run make as root (sudo make), but this is not desirable if it can be avoided.

To reproduce this error run the following:

$ git clone git://
$ git checkout v1.1.1
$ make

More detailed snippet of error log:

running install_egg_info
Writing osx/bcfg2pkg/Library/Python/2.6/site-packages/Bcfg2-1.1.1-py2.6.egg-info
/usr/sbin/chown -R root:admin "bcfg2pkg"
chown: bcfg2pkg/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/Current/share/bcfg2/Hostbase/repo/batchadd.tmpl: Operation not permitted
chown: bcfg2pkg/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/Current/share/bcfg2/Hostbase/repo/dhcpd.conf.head: Operation not permitted
chown: bcfg2pkg/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/Current/share/bcfg2/Hostbase/repo/dhcpd.tmpl: Operation not permitted

I've attached the full output of make to this ticket.

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