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#408 desai lueningh fixed Bad piping

If I run the client and pipe it through 'head', I end up with pages upon pages of traceback:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib64/python2.4/logging/", line 738, in emit
  File "/usr/lib64/python2.4/logging/", line 716, in flush
IOError: [Errno 32] Broken pipe
#479 desai [email protected] fixed Bcfg2 0.9.4 installs some package twice, causing some bundles to fail

I observed a strange behavior in version 0.9.4 on Ubuntu. If the single pass installation fails (for instance, because it tries to install an outdated version of some package), the multi-pass installation will not mark the packages as installed and will install twice the package. Moreover, this is causing configuration problems in a bundle.

Here is the bundle in question :

<Bundle name='linux-vserver' version='1.0'>
    <Group name='deb'>
        <Package name='util-vserver'/>
        <Directory name='/vservers'/>
        <SymLink name='/etc/vservers/.defaults/vdirbase' to='/vservers'/>
        <ConfigFile name='/etc/default/util-vserver'/>
        <ConfigFile name='/etc/sysctl.conf'/>
        <ConfigFile name='/etc/init.d/init-var-run-vservers'/>
        <Action name='init-var-run-vservers'/>

The problem is that the package specifies a symlink from /etc/vservers/.defaults/vdirbase to /var/lib/vservers, which the bundle overrides with a symlink to /vservers. In order, the following happens :

  • Package util-vserver gets installed. For some reason, state is not set to true.
  • Symlink is made.
  • Package util-vserver is installed again, overriding the symlink

Thus the final state is not the one described in the bundle. Running the bcfg2 client one again "fixes" the problem. Even when the client is run in kevlar mode the same issue happens.

#623 desai [email protected] fixed Bcfg2 agent fails to start in daemon mode

/etc/init.d/bcfg2 start fails to start the agent with this error:

Running configuration management client: Bcfg2 takes no arguments, only options

The problem is that "-i" is not configured to receive an argument. I attach a patch which does it.

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