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#66 desai [email protected] fixed APT cache cleaning should be optional

(Per discussion on the list)

APT cache cleaning on Debian toolkit should be made optional. Currently cache is cleaned every time the toolkit is initialized. This is not always the wanted behavior.

#690 solj rcuza fixed Allow paranoid mode to have multiple saved copies in /var/cache/bcfg2

Right now, when a file is processed in paranoid mode only a single copy is saved in /var/cache/bcfg2. For configuration files that get updated on each run, this might erase local changes if bcfg2 client is run twice before the change is noticed.

It would be good to have the option, perhaps via /etc/bcfg2.conf to configure a number of backups that are kept (maybe we could call it really paranoid mode). This option would need to clean up so /var/cache/bcfg2 doesn't grow out of bounds.

#897 desai rcuza fixed Create Safe Extension in TGenshi for Includes

As a user, I want to put include files in the same place as my template.newtxt without generating build errors in bcfg2-server. Creating a safe extension (e.g. ".bcfg2") will allow for this. There already exists exceptions for text editor endings (e.g. ~ and .#).

Plugins/TGenshi/examples/iptables is an example of a TGenshi template that would benefit from this enhancement.

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