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#637 desai dclark wontfix Consider using fuse + fuse filesystem as gamin/fam alternative

Idea is that fuse is more loved than gamin/fam, and also currently runs or is being ported to a lot of operating systems (quick search shows support for GNU/Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, Mac OS X).

This looks like the closest to what we would want:

Would need to test to see if it would actually be less flaky than gamin/fam.

#638 desai dclark wontfix Conider exposing some bcfg2 functionality via a fuse filesystem

Using fuse filesystems may be more intuitive than bcfg2-admin/bcfg2-info for some cases - for example could have a tree of hostnames under a fuse mountpoint and navigate bcfg2-generated files via normal "cd", "less", etc. commands.

#656 desai leggett wontfix Run Probes after modifications

I use probes to figure out things such as the installed kernels and template a grub.conf from this information. The problem is that when bcfg updates the kernel packages, the probes aren't rerun so it takes a subsequent run of bcfg to generate a valid grub.conf after kernel updates. Would it be possible to rerun the probes after bcfg has made modifications?

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