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#625 desai Marc Fargas <[email protected]…> fixed Document version="auto|any"

Looking at it seems you can put "version=any" or "version=auto" in PkgMgr? to have apt take care of which version of a package should be installed (or to not care about the version at all) but this is not documented in Pkgmgr?, maybe it should?

I do not edit the page 'cause I don't know if this is APT specific or common to all Pkgmgr's ;)

#620 desai Martin <[email protected]…> fixed bcfg2-repo-validate handles bundle as info.xml file

If you have a Bundle named foobar-info.xml, bcfg2-repo-validate will handle this file as an info.xml file so the verification fails. This is because of these lines in bcfg2-repo-validate:

    # Get a list of all info.xml files in the bcfg2 repository
    info_list = []
    for root, dirs, files in os.walk('%s' % repo):
        for filename in files:
            if filename.endswith('info.xml'):
                info_list.append(os.path.join(root, filename))

Why do you check if the filename ends with 'info.xml'? If you check for identity everthing is fine so please replace

            if filename.endswith('info.xml'):


            if filename == 'info.xml':

But what ist if you have Bundle name 'info.xml'? In my oppinion you should not search the Bundle dir for info.xml files.

#626 desai Martin <[email protected]…> fixed Override encoding of ... TGenshi template to utf-8

I'm not sure if this issue has been discussed before, but I always get the above message with bcfg2 0.9.6 and genshi 0.5.1. I set encoding = utf-8 in /etc/bcfg2.conf. Is this a bug or a configuration issue? It generates a lot of noise in the server log :(

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