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#465 desai dclark fixed Bcfg2 destroys symbolic links when installing files
  • Have a box where /usr/local -> /local2/local (a filesystem with more space)
  • Have a config file under /usr/local/etc/somename.conf
  • After a "bcfg2" run, /usr/local will be a directory, and the only file in it will be /usr/local/etc/somename.conf (/local2/local will be untouched).
#619 desai Fernando Laudares Camargos <[email protected]…> fixed Bcfg2 ignores ConfigFile ending with ".tmp"

In my case, I had the ConfigFile? /var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmp.

Everything seemed OK in the server but I've got the message "Failed to bind entry: ConfigFile? /var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmp" although I didn't known why. In the client, I had :

Incomplete information for entry ConfigFile:/var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmp; cannot install

... due to absence of owner:group attribute

although the problem wasn't linked to an :info file, as one would believe. Finally, in debbug mode I've got :

ConfigFile? /var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmpl does not exist Failed to read /var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmpl: No such file or directory

So I've changed /var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmp to /var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmpl (for template) and it worked.

#759 desai Chris Stankaitis <[email protected]…> worksforme Bcfg2 is saying packages have failed verification because their config's have changed.

Under 1.0 Using the Packages Plugin. Bcfg2 is saying that packages are failing verification because their configs have changed. The ironic thing of course is that bcfg2 itself made the config changes in question:

Package pam failed verification. Package sendmail failed verification.

From what I have been told of the process bcfg2 does a rpm -V on the package name:

[[email protected]… conf.d]# rpm -V pam ....L... c /etc/pam.d/system-auth [[email protected]… conf.d]# rpm -V sendmail S.5....T c /etc/mail/ S.5....T c /etc/mail/ S.5....T c /var/log/mail/statistics

I think bcfg2 needs to have some logic put into it so that it doesn't fail the package because of a config it changed.

RPM is not bcfg2 aware so this has to be done on the bcfg2 level. Bcfg2 knows it manages the config, and if so then it can skip the complaint from the RPM verify.

I would prefer a smarter solution then getting into the Packages plugin equivalent of the verify_flags issue with the older versions of bcfg2 if possible.

Not sure what do you think bcfg2 guru?

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