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#627 desai Martin <[email protected]…> fixed Permissions Entries have no effect for ConfigFiles

I noticed that when I use the Permissions tag of the Rules generator to specify filepermissions of configuration files that have also been specifed by the ConfigFile? tag, the values of the Permissons Tag have no effect:

When the bcfg2 client runs it first changes the permission to the specified value. Just after that it changes it again to the default value 0644 or whatever is set in the info or info.xml file.

Is this behavior intended or is it a bug?

#628 desai Martin <[email protected]…> fixed different file attributes and altsrc

I have the following Bundle:

<Bundle name='example'>
  <Group name='a'>
    <ConfigFile name='/etc/a.conf'/>
  <Group name='b'>
    <ConfigFile name='/etc/b.conf' altsrc='/etc/a.conf'/>

Now I generate /etc/a.conf with a TGenshi template that checks internally if the variable realname is set. So it can generate different content for /etc/a.conf and /etc/b.conf.

Now I have a client that is in group a and b, so i should get a.conf and b.conf, but the file permissions of both files should be different, too! Is there a way to realize this?

I tried to do it with the Permissions tag, but it didn't work. (See #627)

#648 solj Martin <[email protected]…> fixed Bundler: negate Attribute value

I just noticed that negate="True" doesn't work while negate="true" does. This is the opposite of what is explained here:

Very tricky as my rule did the opposite of what it was supposed to do...

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