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#701 mccallis wontfix Include bcfg2-repo-validate functionality in bcfg2-server

This is an enhancement request and probably a subjective opinion. It seems like bcfg2-repo-validate performs useful error-checking and can flag problems in the repository that will prevent the bcfg2-server from functioning as the user intends. It also seems to execute pretty quickly for me, taking less than a second of real clock time. Why doesn't bcfg2-server validate every repository element before using it, whether at start-up or when an element is modified while the server is running?

Here is an example of where such functionality would have been useful to me. The Service element has an attribute type that became required in r5096. Both I and the person who logged #551 seem to have been tripped up by a previously valid repository no longer validating with the new version of bcfg2. It took a fair amount of head-scratching on my part to figure out that when bcfg2 complained that my service entry "was not handled by any tool", it was due to a missing XML attribute. On the other hand, bcfg2-repo-validate is spot on, giving me a clear error message, source file, and line number.

I appreciate that the right thing to do with the current version of the tools is to run bcfg2-repo-validate more frequently (i.e., after making almost any change to the repository), but that seems like an extra manual burden to place on a system administrator when bcfg2-server could do this at relatively low resource cost.


#711 desai nicely wontfix Incorrect Error Message

When running the bcfg2 client on the server, without root, the incorrect output is shown. With sudo, everything is correct.

Also, separate clients, though not showing these errors, do not report that root is required. Rather that permission is denied to access certain files.

I'm running bcfg2 revision 5413 on Ubuntu Jaunty.

[email protected]:~$ bcfg2
Server failure: [Errno 336265218] _ssl.c:337: error:140B0002:SSL routines:SSL_CT
X_use_PrivateKey_file:system lib
Failed to download probes from bcfg2
[Errno 336265218] _ssl.c:337: error:140B0002:SSL routines:SSL_CTX_use_PrivateKey_file:system lib
#744 desai strauss wontfix determines version to install using Yum instead of its own metadata

See summary.

This causes installation of newer versions than expected if the client has newer packages available.

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