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#667 desai dclark duplicate Bcfg2-tracked version control checkouts

It might be useful to allow bcfg2 to interface with version control systems, so you could say in bcfg2 syntax "I want a checkout from W version control system of X version from Y repository at Z location"; bcfg2 could, like with packages, also verify that only files from the version control repository at the designated version exist on each run. It would probably also be good to be able to specify HEAD / trunk version.

#569 desai [email protected] fixed Bcfg2.Logging causes namespace collisions on case-insensitive filesystems
Description I've gone and renamed it to Bcfg2.Logger and made a patch.

#724 solj David Strauss <[email protected]…> fixed Better error for package verification failures on config files

When package verification fails on configuration files, bcfg2 should suggest either reverting or managing the configuration of those files.

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