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#839 desai Martin Schwier <[email protected]…> fixed Snapshots Plugin hast /etc/bcfg2.conf hardcoded

Because we are running a bcfg2 client on our bcfg2 server I want to use different config files for the client and the server, so I use the -C parameter for bcfg2-server. But the Snapshots-Plugin has /etc/bcfg2.conf hardcoded.

#522 desai Matt Baker <[email protected]…> fixed Overriding an existing Package/PackList for a group in Pkgmgr needs bcfg2-server restart

In Pkgmgr/ I have files generated from the This is the source for an installed package defined in a bundle. I add the sources for different Debian releases (etch/backports/etc) to apt sources via Bcfg so that I can "pin" newer versions.

e.g. <PackageList? priority="99" type="deb">

<Group name="grpname">

<Package name="pkgname" version="0.1.1-1" type="deb"/>




If I add a new PackList? for a group and a Package specification to effectively "upgrade" the package I get the message on the client:

Incomplete information for entry Package:packagename; cannot verify

... due to absense of version attribute(s)

If I restart the bcfg2-server and rerun on the client the "upgrade" succeeds as expected.

#603 desai Matt Baker <[email protected]…> worksforme Directory prune option confusion

prune option in for Directory elements in Rules does not seem to extend to files created in SGenshi.

In Rules/apache.xml I have:

<Directory name='/etc/apache2/sites-enabled'

prune='true' owner='root' group='root' perms='755'/>

<SymLink? name='/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default'


In SGenshi/projects.xml I have:


name="/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/${name}.conf" to="${basedir}/${name}/apache/conf/${name}.conf"/>

On the first run with out anything in place I get all symlinks in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled installed. On the second run the prune option removes all but the 000-default symlink. On the third run the templated symlinks come back and thus a loop of removal and reinstallation.

I expect the prune option to be aware of an entry from any plugin.

This is when using an svn checkout from 24th Sept.

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