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#163 desai [email protected] fixed Make bcfg2.conf file accessible to the Plugins

Wish: Make cfile in accessible to the Plugins ( i.e., line 202 set self.cfile = ConfigParser?...). Would allow the Plugins to read own section entries (e.g. database connection config) from the bcfg.conf file.

Otherwise every Plugin would need to open himself the bcfg2.conf file.(?) Also the path to the bcfg2.conf file is not known within the Plugin class.(?)

#167 desai [email protected] fixed Bundle: PostInstall usage

The (wiki) documentation is lacking information about 'PostInstall?' entries. See, HandleBundleDeps? function.

#184 desai [email protected] fixed tool that generates directory structure for a given hostname

I will need/create a tool or modify bcfg2-info,bcfg2 that accepts the following options:

  • hostname
  • target directory

It will generate the whole directory struture for the given hostname (not the same hostname the tool is running on) into the target directory.

Any ideas/tips how to realize this (so it gets imported to the bcfg2 repository:-)?

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