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#857 desai Nicolas Dandrimont <[email protected]…> fixed APT plugin chokes on new debsums (&gt;= 2.0.47) output. Patch attached


It seems that the upstream maintainer for debsums changed the output to make it clearer (debian bug #524560). Therefore, the APT plugin cannot parse the output anymore.

Please find the attached patch fixing the issue, while keeping the backwards-compatibility.


#772 desai Nicolas Dandrimont <[email protected]…> fixed ConfigFile comparision not working for files containing non-ascii characters

The POSIX ConfigFile? comparision is broken when the local file contains non-ascii characters, even though the charset is configured correctly in the BCfg2 config file.

It seems that a "return False" has slept through when the local file is read as a unicode object.

Attached patch fixes the issue.

#774 desai Nicolas Dandrimont <[email protected]…> fixed Debian packaging: please use proper package version to allow upgrades to the final release


Right now, in the Debian packaging, the version number is 1.0.0rc1-1'. This is a problem as when the final version will be released, the version number should be 1.0.0-something'. However, in dpkg, 1.0.0' < 1.0.0rc1'.

To allievate the problem, the version number right now should be `1.0.0~rc1'. This will allow seamless upgrades to further RCs and to the final version.

Attached patch fixes the issue, unfortunately, by breaking upgrade for current installations of the rc1. Maybe another solution could be found.

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