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#217 desai [email protected] fixed 'Deps' module should support "OR" / "alternate" dependencies

For debian (and other, I'm sure) packaging formats, the system should support parsing an either, or dependency for a package.

An example of this is for bcfg2 itself - the debian package requires either fam, or gamin, but not both.

The selection of which one would occur at a higher level (i.e., a bcfg2-server group), but automatically generated package dependency lists would know that dependencies are fulfulled.

(Another example is for any package that requires a web server - it can be apache, apache2, etc. - you just need to have one installed.)

#227 desai lueningh fixed Services keep running

If I turn my web server into a mail server, the running apache process will keep running even after bcfg says the service entry has been removed. Must stop services!

#240 desai anonymous fixed Integrate Patch to enable bcfg2-client to bind its socket to a specific local IP-Adress

In special setups (like ours) the bcfg2-client has to bind its client socket to a given IP address. The given patch enables this by integrating a new config-option

bindaddress =

If this option is present, a new transport Bcfg2SafeTransport is used instead of xmlrpclib.SafeTransport? to finally include the socket.bind() method into connection setup.

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