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#822 desai Patrick Ruckstuhl <[email protected]…> fixed Packages plugin confused with or dependencies

I have a bundle nagios with

<Bundle name="nagios">

<Package name="nagios3"/> <Package name="libgd2-xpm"/>


the first time I run bcfg, libgd2-xpm is removed and libgd2-noxpm is installed. The second time, libgd2-noxpm is uninstalled and libgd2-xpm and so on.

The specific dependencies in nagios3 are

libgd2-noxpm | libgd2-xpm

So it should be satisfied with any of the two.

manually running

self.pluginsPackages?.complete(m, ['nagios3', 'libgd2-xpm'], debug=True)

in bcfg2-info results in a god set

shows the problem:

I'm running 1.0.0-6 on Debian Lenny

#121 desai Patrick Ruckstuhl <[email protected]…> fixed :info as filename a bad idea

I often work on a windows computer to write my configuration. That's a problem if I want to set permissions, access rights for config files, as the file that allows to do this is called :info and : is not allowed in a filename on windows.

#122 desai Patrick Ruckstuhl <[email protected]…> fixed Debian repository for sarge not working correctly

When I try to install bcfg2 on a sarge system with the apt repo from mcs, it wants to install 0.8.2+svn060725-1 instead of 0.8.3 if I manually download the deb file it works fine.

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