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#928 desai m4z <[email protected]…> wontfix bcfg-server/Packages should be more verbose

...especially in verbose mode.

When I restarted my not-daemonized 1.0.1 server after the weekend, I assumed it would have to update the packages list and that that would take a moment, but that is because I already know this procedure.

If I didn't know the software, behavior like this:

chaos:~ # bcfg2-server -dv
(...45 minutes of nothing but high memory and cpu usage...)
Packages: File read failed; falling back to file download
Packages: Updating http://firstrepo[...]
(...60 minutes more waiting...)
Packages: Updating http://secondrepo[...]
Loading experimental plugin(s): Packages

...would make me assume something is wrong and I would have (p)kill -9'ed the process after two minutes.

This would most likely be much faster on "normal" machines since this is a VM with few resources (2GHz CPU, 256MB RAM), but adding and informal message before updating the package lists shouldn't hurt at all. (Make the server a bit less of a black box (; ...)

What's probably worse, client connections during this time aren't possible:

client:~ # bcfg2 -enqv
Server failure: [Errno 8] _ssl.c:482: EOF occurred in violation of protocol
Failed to download probes from bcfg2
[Errno 8] _ssl.c:482: EOF occurred in violation of protocol
client:~ #

Wouldn't it be possible to "cache" the old version of the repodata and fetch the updates in the background, allowing clients to contact the server during this time?

#934 desai wontfix bcfg2 hangs waiting for defunct init script

We have an init script for Osiris ( that, when run by bcfg2, goes defunct, which hangs bcfg2 until we do a Ctrl-C. I have attached the init script we are using, since it likely has some local modifications.

We are using bcfg2 1.0.1 and Osiris 4.2.3.

#937 desai wontfix WL: add support for distro-specific bcfg2/Packages/config.xml files

Currently, we have both ubuntu and centos packages defined in bcfg2/Packages/config.xml. This causes ubuntu to download all the ubuntu and centos files, greatly increasing the time it takes to initialize the bcfg2-server. Desired solutions would be to have distro-specific files or have bcfg2 recognize what repo files to download.

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