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#615 solj barth fixed "bcfg2 -b toto" should warn user if no bundle named "toto" is found.
#622 solj [email protected] fixed Missing configuration files do not get installed

Missing configuration files are not installed by the APT tools. The confmiss option of dpkg should be supplied for this. I attach a patch which does this.

#630 solj [email protected] fixed Blast and SYSV client tools using suboptimal 'mktemp'

Both the Blast and SYSV client package tools use tempfile.mktemp(), which is insecure, and leaves the temporary file around after bcfg2 has finished running. This eventually leaves me with many Solaris boxes with /tmp full of tmpXXXXXX files.

The attached patch uses tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile?() instead, which solves both of these problems. This requires python 2.3, though; is that acceptable?

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