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#467 dclark dclark fixed Encaps need better string splitting regexps

There are 3 issues with the regular expression code used to parse "file=" Pkgmgr entries:

  1. epkg.log is a special case and should just be ignored.
  2. File names like openssh-4.6p1+2-encap-ix86-linux_debian_etch.tar.gz fail, I think due to the "+" character, which is actually a recommended encap convention to denote site-specific/packaging changes.
  3. File names like bcfg2-python-apt-0.6.19-encap-ix86-linux_debian_etch.tar.gz fail, I think due to the multiple "-" characters before the version.

I think all of these need to be fixed in both Client (src/lib/Client/Tools/ and Server (src/lib/Server/Plugins/ side code.

#636 dclark dclark fixed Process to get most recent man pages to wiki

There is some stuff that is only doc'ed in bcfg2 man pages (eg filemonitor=pseudo); it would be useful to have that stuff be in the wiki so it's searchable along with the rest of the doc. I'm guessing something like a cron jobs that runs man2html and then wraps that in trac's "this is html" syntax. For now this is also just a reminder for me to do this manually...

#651 dclark dclark fixed Look into project-builder to make more native-system bcfg2 packages available

Project-Builder is a tool that helps you building packages for your application (managed with tar file, or a configuration management system such as CVS or Subversion). It is able to generate build package skeleton for your project, and with simple configuration files to generate for up to 20 different tuples of distributions (name, version, architecture), including Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSuSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Slackware.

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