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#1150 desai fixed ignores perms variable

If I run in a v1.2 bcfg2 repository the script keeps the owner and group info in the new info.xml files but ignores perms attribute. I think it should keep the perms attribute too.

#1149 fixed Probe dynamic groups do not inherit categories

I have a probe which outputs


In Metadata/groups.xml I have

<Group name="x86" category="arch"/>

<Group name="user-arch-i386">

<Group name="x86"/>


When I run a client which sets this dynamic group the "arch" category doesn't appear in metadata.categories but the "x86" group does appear in metadata.groups.

I would expect the category to be set too.

#1148 desai fixed Packages plugin should optionally generate deb-src lines

APT package repositories carry both built packages and sometimes the source code that generated them. However, using the feature to generate a sources.list file, there is no way to enable deb-src lines for particular Sources. It needs to be optional because some repositories may offer source and others may not.

Source-only repositories (deb-src lines with no matching deb line) should probably be handled by users putting files in Cfg, since the Packages plugin won't actually do anything with them.

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