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#1060 desai wontfix Port Bcfg2 command line option parsing to optparse

Now that minimum Python version for Bcfg2 is above 2.3, where optparse was introduced, it is save to port current option parsing mechanism there.

This will help to create consistent multi-level user interface that is easier to extend, debug, and maintain as well without breaking existing functionality.

The above is achieved by decoupling option parsing from configuration load.

#1061 desai wontfix support Cfg .cat file without supplying base file

Bcfg2 requires that you supply a base file (e.g. /etc/motd) when using .cat deltas. It should be possible to add deltas to files that already exist on the system.

If there is no existing file, client should give a warning/error:

Suppressing entry installation - no base file is found for:
#1066 desai wontfix bcfg2 insists on updating held packages

Some packages are put on hold on my system, but when I run:

bcfg2 -q -v -n

it still shows message In dryrun mode: suppressing entry installation for:

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