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#294 desai naapuri fixed Missing debsums cause bad warnings

If a package doesn't have debsums, the bcfg2 client incorrectly says that "Bad files are: <packagename>".

> /usr/bin/debsums -as libcap1
> /usr/bin/debsums -as libcomerr2
> /usr/bin/debsums -as libconsole
> /usr/bin/debsums -as libdb4.2
< debsums: no md5sums for libdb4.2
Package libdb4.2 failed validation. Bad files are:
> /usr/bin/debsums -as libdb4.3
< debsums: no md5sums for libdb4.3
Package libdb4.3 failed validation. Bad files are:
> /usr/bin/debsums -as libdb4.4
< debsums: no md5sums for libdb4.4
Package libdb4.4 failed validation. Bad files are:
> /usr/bin/debsums -as libdevmapper1.02
> /usr/bin/debsums -as libedit2
> /usr/bin/debsums -as libgcc1
> /usr/bin/debsums -as libgcrypt11

(Re-installing these packages will help, since debsums installs a post-installation script that calculates md5sums if needed.)

#297 desai naapuri fixed Improve error messages for missing clients

If an unknown client is contacting the bcfg2 server, the client says:

Operation GetProbes completed with fault
Failed to download probes from bcfg2

This error should at least include something like "See the server error log for details.".

The server currently says:

Cannot set group for client myclient; no default group set
metadata consistency error

Is this really a "metadata consistency error"? I'd suggest: "Refusing connection from an unknown client 'myclient'. (No <Client> element defined for 'myclient' and no default group set.)" (Is this accurate? What about public='true' groups?)

If there is no DNS information for the client, the message is a bit more obscure:

address resolution error for
metadata consistency error
#298 desai naapuri fixed Incorrect message for debsums

debsums fails gives a different error if a file is missing:

< debsums: can't open initscripts file /etc/init.d/mountvirtfs (No such file or directory)
Package initscripts failed validation. Bad files are:
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