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#903 laszlo Richard Connon <[email protected]…> fixed Reload blacklist/whitelist without downloading packages

At the moment you have to do Packages.Refresh to reload black/whitelist, it would be very nice if the black/whitelist could be updated without this. Perhaps config.xml could be fam monitored and the data updated in memory automagically then Packages.Refresh /just/ downloads new packages without reloading config.xml

#944 desai Richard Connon <[email protected]…> fixed dependency resolver rewrite (changeset 6040) removes whitelist handling

The package source whitelist is no longer handled by the dependency resolver so bcfg2 tries to install unwhitelisted packages.

#976 solj Richard Connon <[email protected]…> fixed with the -d flag bcfg2 should output the output from apt-get

bcfg2 doesn't currently output any stdout data from apt-get

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