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#1072 desai wontfix uuid-based configs don't work on bcfg server itself

Using 1.2.0rc2, I created two clients: one that is my bcfg server, and another with a uuid specified:

  <Client name="" profile="rrz1-master"/>
  <Client name="computeimage" profile="rrz-compute" uuid="computeimage"/>

and ran the client on two different machines both with and without the '-u' option:

  bcfg2 -q -v -n
  bcfg2 -q -v -n -u computeimage

When run on the machine that is also running the bcfg server, both cases result in the real machine's config (as if I hadn't run with '-u' either time). But when run on an independent client, adding the '-u' works as I would expect - the client gets the config associated with the 'computeimage' config.

#1078 wontfix Manage all files in a directory

Bcfg2 should be able to manage a directory, such that it could report and possibly remove files that are not packaged or specified as Path entries.

#1099 desai wontfix Update OpenID plugin to fix GMail usernames in Trac

My username is https:// gibberish. Is it possible to upgrade Trac plugin to fetch more appropriate username or propose to enter one meaningful?

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