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#359 desai [email protected] fixed paranoid mode should be truly paranoid

Currently, in paranoid mode, bcfg2 will overwrite all config files without creating a backup if the directory /var/spool/bcfg2 doesn't exist. It probably shouldn't. If the admin went out of the way to specify "paranoid: true" and "bcfg2 -P", then they really want to have a record of any changes in config files.

Quietly failing is not a very good behaviour.

#362 desai [email protected] fixed Conflicts in the documentation

The Install page contains conflicting instructions compared to the QuickStart? page. I believe the bcfg2-admin init method is superior to the manual method described in the Install page, and that the Install page should refer to the QuickStart? page.

#363 desai [email protected] fixed Ubuntu package missing Hostbase's data files

The Ubuntu 6.06 package is missing ALL data files for Hostbase (and possibly other parts of Bcfg2 as well). For instance, templates are missing, the zone.sql to insert initial data, etc.

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