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#88 hagedorn hagedorn invalid New Reports Planned Enhancements
  • Create new statistics module in server that directly stores data in database rather than intermediary XML files.
  • Provide e-mail functionality
  • Provide user accounts and customized displays for each user that logs in. This will provide an interface to configure e-mail as well.
  • Provide the ability to filter by groups of clients rather than all clients on Summary page. This should savable per user-account
  • Modify URLs so the application can be served at a URL other than /; any subdirectory should be fine.
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#427 desai [email protected] invalid RPMng driver reads in file when verifying file size

Passing md5 alone in ticket #426 was not enough to really create a quick mode. The verification was still very slow and I checked that access time was modified on the packages' files.

After some testing I found that this was due to the file size verification and most probably due to the prelinking stuff.

But calling rpm -V --nomd5 works w/o accessing the file contents, so it must be possible to verify the filesize w/o piping the file into the (un)prelinking code. Maybe it is just a constant offset or something similar that can easily be computed.

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