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#297 desai naapuri fixed Improve error messages for missing clients

If an unknown client is contacting the bcfg2 server, the client says:

Operation GetProbes completed with fault
Failed to download probes from bcfg2

This error should at least include something like "See the server error log for details.".

The server currently says:

Cannot set group for client myclient; no default group set
metadata consistency error

Is this really a "metadata consistency error"? I'd suggest: "Refusing connection from an unknown client 'myclient'. (No <Client> element defined for 'myclient' and no default group set.)" (Is this accurate? What about public='true' groups?)

If there is no DNS information for the client, the message is a bit more obscure:

address resolution error for
metadata consistency error
#298 desai naapuri fixed Incorrect message for debsums

debsums fails gives a different error if a file is missing:

< debsums: can't open initscripts file /etc/init.d/mountvirtfs (No such file or directory)
Package initscripts failed validation. Bad files are:
#299 desai naapuri fixed bcfg2 should warn in case of duplicate entries

The bcfg client (or maybe server?) should give a warning if there are duplicate entries. From my experience, this happens if one creates a Bundle and then forgets to remove a ConfigFile? or Package from outside the bundle. Without a warning like this, it might be hard for the user to find the error. (The actual error seen by the user might be eg. that debsums still says "Package foo failed validation. Bad files are: ...".)

Some duplicates might be hard or even logically impossible to find due to inheritance/priorities, but any progress on this subject would be good. There are trivial cases where the bcfg2 client actually prints the entries multiple times:

In dryrun mode: suppressing entry installation for:
 ConfigFile:/etc/mysql/my.cnf           ConfigFile:/etc/mysql/my.cnf

At least these should be easy to catch.

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