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#697 desai Travis Campbell <[email protected]…> worksforme YUMng fails to handle Epoch values correctly in rpms

I have a package defined as this:

<Package name='perl-LDAP' version='auto' />

The version I have in yum is perl-LDAP-0.33-3.fc6.noarch from RHEL5u3. YUMng is interpreting the Epoch value in the RPM causing the version number to appear to be 1:0.33-3.fc6.noarch which makes bcfg2 fail the version check with:

Running YUMng.Install() Attempting to install packages Single Pass for Install Succeded

Wrong version installed. Want 0.33-3.fc6.noarch, but have 1:0.33-3.fc6.


Package perl-LDAP failed verification.

hardcoding the version number in the Package works around this.

#703 desai Travis Campbell <[email protected]…> worksforme Running scripts in Action without having them be physically installed on the client machine

I'd like to see a method where I can place helper scripts in my bcfg2 repository that I can invoke from an Action without having to have those scripts installed on the client machine.

desai told me to open this up. :-)

#709 solj Travis Campbell <[email protected]…> fixed 1.1.0 doesn't shutdown when you ^C from a non-daemonized bcfg2-server instance.

I just loaded bcfg2-server on a new box and whenever I run it in interactive mode (eg, don't daemonize and disassociate from the terminal), the bcfg2-server process refuses to die off after I hit Control-C. The last entry I see from the verbose output is:

Handled 5 events in 0.001s serve_forever() [stop] server_close()

and it hangs forever after this. I have to send a sigquit in order for it to now shutdown at this point.

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