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#300 desai naapuri fixed Only look for *.xml files for certain plugins

Should some of the bcfg2-server plugins only look for *.xml files in configuration dirs? They already omit *~ but not eg. #foo.xml# which is an auto-save filename format for the jed editor.

#309 desai lueningh wontfix /etc/bcfg2.conf needs work

I'm updating documentation on the wiki, and I have come to the conclusion that the bcfg configuration system (for itself, not everbody else) needs work. The /etc/bcfg2.conf file seems like it should either be used a lot more or a lot less: it has a bare minimum of entries, some of which seem like they might be more appropriate in the repository's etc/ directory. The statistics section especially stands out as a weird one. The disconnect between the repository's etc/ directory and the /etc/bcfg2.conf file is alsy weird.

I'm not sure what should live where, so I have no suggestions right this moment, but I think a general cleanup of bcfg's client and server configuration would make understanding a new install that much easier.

#318 desai anonymous wontfix Config file missing from package

A default bcfg2.conf file is missing from the rpm packages. We should add that (marked as a config file, of course) to help out the new users.

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