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#319 desai lueningh fixed Example repository doesn't validate

I just downloaded the demo repository, put it in place, and ran bcfg2-repo-validate, and all I got was a lot of xml dumped to my terminal. I don't know what that means, but I assume it is saying it doesn't validate.

#322 desai lueningh fixed "typo" in bcfg-admin

bcfg2-admin talks about some weird "os" thing when run in init mode:

please select which os your machine is running:

Is that a typo that should be 'is'? Is it an "operating system"? :)

#323 desai lueningh fixed bcfg2-admin ends abruptly

I just ran bcfg2-admin in init mode, and it didn't give me any indication of what it had done when it finished:

please select which os your machine is running:
a. Redhat/Fedora/RHEL/RHAS/Centos
c. Mandrake
d. Debian
e. Ubuntu
f. Solaris

 selection: b
tg-v096:/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages # 

Did it succeed? Did it create files someplace?

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