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#634 solj solj fixed Fix the Quickstart wiki page

One of the first things a new user will see is the Quickstart wiki page. We should spiffy it up and add a few more simple examples.

#641 solj anonymous fixed bcfg2 checks warns of missing gpg key even if nosignature is used

e.g. WARNING: Package bcfg2 0.9.6-1.el5.noarch requires GPG Public key with ID 119cc036 217521f6

Disabling signature check.


<Package name='bcfg2' verify_flags="nosignature">

<Instance version='0.9.6' release='1.el5' arch='noarch' />


bcfg2-server-0.9.6-1.el5 bcfg2-0.9.6-1.el5

#642 solj anonymous fixed RFE: permissions="inherit"

Rather than store the permissions for a ConfigFile? in the xml file, it would be good for the permissions on the filesystem to be used instead. This would only work for the permissions, not for ownership since the user:group on the remote system may not exist.

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