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#539 solj [email protected] worksforme negate package

I think it would be useful to be able to negate a package or specify that a package should be uninstalled(possibly purged with apt-get).

At the moment, I am using actions and dynamic groups to do this. The only problem is that the actions are run every time I run bcfg2.

#544 desai [email protected] worksforme Comments in TGenshi template.xml files cause templating to fail

Exactly like it says- XML comments <!-- --> make the template fail with a Genshi object error.

#551 desai [email protected] worksforme Failed to bind service

I just upgraded to 0.9.6pre1 on a client and a server. I followed the Debian Package building instructions to create packages.

I ran bcfg2 on the client and was told that all of my services were incorrect. The server log shows a line like the following for every single service.

Failed to bind entry: Service hal

Here are all of my service definitions extracted from my Bundles. There is an error in the server log for each one of them. There are no Service entries that do not get the above error.

<Service name="bcfg2" status="off"/>
<Service name="rsync" status="off"/>
<Service name="gdm" status="off"/>
<Service name="laptop-mode" status="off"/>
<Service name="stop-readahead" status="on"/>
<Service name="xserver-xorg-input-wacom" status="on"/>
<Service name="kde-guidance" status="off"/>
<Service name="fetchmail" status="off"/>
<Service name="policykit" status="on"/>
<Service name="libnss-ldap" status="on"/>
<Service name="nscd" status="on"/>
<Service name="portmap" status="on" sequence="17"/>
<Service name="autofs" status="on" sequence="50"/>
<Service name="nfs-common" status="on" sequence="20"/>
<Service name="ntp" status="on" sequence="23"/>
<Service name="tables" status="on"/>
<Service name="ssh" status="on" sequence="16"/>
<Service name="exim4" status="on"/>
<Service name="wdm" status="off"/>
<Service name="kdm" status="on" sequence="90" reload="reload"/>
<Service name="cupsys" status="off" sequence="19"/>
<Service name="killprocs" status="on" reload="stop"/>
<Service name="rc.local" status="on" reload="stop"/>
<Service name="rmnologin" status="on" reload="stop"/>
<Service name="single" status="on" reload="stop"/>
<Service name="nvidia-kernel" status="on" reload="stop"/>
<Service name="anacron" status="off"/>
<Service name="cron" status="on" sequence="89"/>
<Service name="usplash" status="on" reload="start"/>
<Service name="ubiquity" status="off"/>
<Service name="acpi-support" status="on"/>
<Service name="vbesave" status="on"/>
<Service name="acpid" status="on"/>
<Service name="apmd" status="on"/>
<Service name="apport" status="on"/>
<Service name="atd" status="on"/>
<Service name="binfmt-support" status="on"/>
<Service name="bluetooth" status="on"/>
<Service name="hal" status="on"/>
<Service name="dbus" status="on"/>
<Service name="dhcdbd" status="on"/>
<Service name="avahi-daemon" status="on"/>
<Service name="hotkey-setup" status="on"/>
<Service name="klogd" status="on"/>
<Service name="sysklogd" status="on"/>
<Service name="powernowd" status="on"/>
<Service name="powernowd.early" status="on"/>
<Service name="pulseaudio" status="on"/>
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