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#395 desai desai fixed Documentation Topics

This ticket will be used to track topics that need better documentation. Anyone can add topics to this list. Support for existing topics on the list can be voiced by adding a + after the topic (limit one per customer, offer may not be combined with other offers) Try to keep the list on detailed subjects (ie How does subsystem X work, or how do i achieve goal Y) so that they can be written individually. Topics will be removed once the documentation is written.

The list:

#396 desai [email protected] fixed RPM/Yum driver needs to handle multiple versions of the same package being installed.

When multiple versions of the same package are installed (e.g. the kernel) the RPM/YUM driver takes the version of the package installed to be the last one (I think) that rpm -qa reports, which may or may not be the latest release.

This can result in reinstallation of a package every time the client is run

#397 desai naapuri fixed Confusing question for bcfg -I

bcfg2 -I asks a question, but it doesn't look like a question:

/var/lib/mysql/my.cnf group wrong. is mysql should be root

It should probably read something like:

/var/lib/mysql/my.cnf group is mysql, should be root. Fix? (y/N):
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