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#381 desai desai wontfix Remove client-side elementtree/lxml requirement

The use of xml documents as a transport format predates the use of xml-rpc for client/server communication. Now that we are using xml-rpc, we can build a set of functions that use native xml-rpc datatypes. This has two benefits:

  • Remove the overhead of double-encoding all traffic
  • Removing the lxml/elementtree client-side requirement
#382 desai rucpat fixed info as an alternative to :info not fully valid

If I use bcfg2-info I get those messages

Confused about file /var/lib/bcfg2/Cfg/etc/backup.d/10-all.mysql/info; ignoring

but info should be a valid alternative to :info

I think the problem is in line 117 and 120 where the check is only against :info

#383 desai rucpat fixed bcfg2-admin pull not working

bcfg2-admin pull seems not to work for me, I get

Could not find stats for client

after changing the line 155 in bcfg2-admin from

hostent = stats.xpath('.Node[@name="%s"]' % client)

into hostent = stats.xpath('Node[@name="%s"]' % client)

(removed the . in the xpath)

it works

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