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#403 desai [email protected] fixed Traceback in when adding XML comments

The following will cause a traceback:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<PackageList type="yum" priority="0">
<!-- comment -->
#404 desai [email protected] fixed ServiceType and PackageType in rules.xsd do not match those in services.xsd and pkglist.xsd

ServiceType? and PackageType? in rules.xsd do not match those in services.xsd and pkglist.xsd

Using Rules the Rules plugin for these Configuration Entities will not provide the same functionality as the dedicated plugins.

#405 desai barfoo fixed Per-File Ignores for Bundles

A number of Fedora RPM packages come with files, like statistical databases, which will never verify once they have been updated. Bcfg2 currently flags these packages for replacement. The only way to work around the problem currently is to set the package to noverify, which means none of the other more important files in the package, are being verified either.

I'm hoping a way can be created to specify that these files exist but need not be verified. Possibly similar to <ConfigFile?> without the need to overwrite the file if it has been changed.

Contact barfoo for more background

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