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#412 desai dclark fixed Make bcfg2 site searchable
Description contains:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

This makes the content of the site not crawlable/searchable by Google et al.

#413 desai lueningh fixed Links in Cfg

This probably should actually be listed as a "gotcha" on the wiki someplace, but I figured I would submit it as a bug first. I was trying to be clever on my testbed cluster by having a soft link from /etc/passwd tp Cfg/etc/passwd in my repository. That way all of my testbed machines would have the same users as my bcfg server. Unfortunately, that didn't work: when new users were added, the soft link didn't trigger a FAM event, so everybody got the old passwd file isntead (including the bcfg server).


#414 desai naapuri fixed bcfg2 -I doesn't run Actions

When running the client with -I, <Action .../> tags seem to be ignored.

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