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#396 desai [email protected] fixed RPM/Yum driver needs to handle multiple versions of the same package being installed.

When multiple versions of the same package are installed (e.g. the kernel) the RPM/YUM driver takes the version of the package installed to be the last one (I think) that rpm -qa reports, which may or may not be the latest release.

This can result in reinstallation of a package every time the client is run

#397 desai naapuri fixed Confusing question for bcfg -I

bcfg2 -I asks a question, but it doesn't look like a question:

/var/lib/mysql/my.cnf group wrong. is mysql should be root

It should probably read something like:

/var/lib/mysql/my.cnf group is mysql, should be root. Fix? (y/N):
#398 desai naapuri worksforme Installing a ConfigFile kills symlinks

I had a ConfigFile? statement for /foo/bar/baz.conf. On the client, /foo was a symlink to /real-foo, and there the bar/ subdir didn't exist.

When installing baz.conf, the bcfg2 client killed the /foo -> /real-foo symlink and created directories /foo/ and /foo/bar/.

I expected the client not to mind that /foo/ is a symlink.

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