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#423 desai [email protected] fixed 0.9.3-0.0pre5 Client Traceback when drivers are not specified.

When drivers are not specified on the command line or in bcfg2.config file the following Traceback occurs. Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/sbin/bcfg2", line 235, in <module>

File "/usr/sbin/bcfg2", line 218, in run = Bcfg2.Client.Frame.Frame(self.config, self.setup, times)

File "/usr/lib64/python2.5/site-packages/Bcfg2/Client/", line 49, in init

if self.setupdrivers?:

KeyError?: 'drivers'

#424 desai [email protected] fixed 0.9.3-0.0pre6 mtime fix is being applied unconditionally

The mtime fix in the POSIX driver is being applied unconditionally. I get the following for every Config file. There are no mtime attributes set in my info files.

Installing ConfigFile /etc/motd
ConfigFile /etc/motd mtime fix failed
Installing ConfigFile /etc/ntp.conf
ConfigFile /etc/ntp.conf mtime fix failed

It should only be done if an mtime attribute was present. Which at that point in the code looks like only if mtime != '-1'

#425 desai [email protected] fixed group/host specific :info files

Contents of configuration files can be controlled per group/host, but not the metadata associated with them, e.g. user/group/mode/mtime.

Different config files often have different owners (like apache vs httpd or exim vs mail), so it would be nice to allow different file metadata for different groups/hosts.

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